A Boy and His Blob

Played on: PlayStation Now / PlayStation 4 

My review rating: 7/10

Also on: Xbox One, Wii, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Genre: Puzzle

Summary: Planet Blobolania is in danger from a corrupt emperor, so Blob escapes to Earth to look for help. After crash-landing, he is discovered by an unnamed boy and they team up. The boy gives the Blob different coloured jelly beans that enable Blob to transform into different things to help you solve the puzzle. Blob’s basic commands include turning into a ballon, a ladder or a hole in the ground. If the boy falls from a distance or makes contact with an enemy or dangerous object, your boy will be heading back to the very start. 

Originally released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, the updated version of A Boy and His Blob is one of the most adorable and charming puzzle games you will ever find! It’s fun and adventurous. The fluid 2D-style art is hand-drawn and I really like that feel, it’s very gorgeous and has a uniqueness of its own. 

Review: I really enjoy this game, especially when I’m looking for a different feel kind of game. My favourite thing about the game is how you can tell the Blob to do different things like calling Blob, telling Blob to calm down and giving him a hug for all his hard work. The downside to this game is that you have to figure out the controls on your own. 

Since the game doesn’t come with a real tutorial and an explanation of what to do, I added the controls here for PS4:

Right stick: move boy

Triangle: calls Blob 

Down D-Pad: tells Blob to calm down 

Blob commands: Square + Left stick, then select which command you want. Let go, then press Circle to drop jellybean and Triangle to call Blob if necessary

Left D-Pad: Moves the screen 

Very creative game! I wish I had a Blob and lots of jellies to solve some of my problems!

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