Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse

Genre: Comedy Series

Company: Mattel

Years: 2012 – 2015 

Kids’ Animation 

My review rating: 8/10

It was very early in the morning, I couldn’t sleep and I thought I would browse through Netflix to see what’s new and interesting, in search for something different than I normally look for. This is how I stumbled across Barbie’s TV show. I chose to check it out because I had lots of Barbie material as a kid. I loved Barbie in my younger days. I got my sister’s old Barbie hand-me-downs, and I loved collecting my own toys and accessories. I would even leave some in the box to collect dust and hope to be worth money some day. Barbie and I go way back, so I thought it would be cool to see what’s changed and different in Barbie’s world. 

This animated series is all about Barbie’s world in her dream house. Barbie lives with her siblings and pets. Her friends often come over to chill out. One of her friends is always trying to make her life miserable so she can be the centre of attention.  Barbie covers almost everything in this TV series. She’s still in love with Ken after all these years, living the beach life, going to parties and hanging out with her family. Barbie still lives in a perfect world. She is an easy-going, joyful girl, with a positive attitude who has done it all and is apparently good at everything. It kinda reminds me of a cartoon version of The Real Housewives. 

It’s funny, sassy, full of interesting drama, fun and surprisingly enjoyable to watch! I see more good than bad when it comes to this show and here’s why.  In fact I feel like there are quite a few things to appreciate in this show. There are things to think about, lessons to learn from, and this show can be looked at as educational. 

Positive – I really like how Barbie’s family sticks together, solving problems as a team and finding solutions together. Nothing ever gets in the way of Barbie’s goals – she is always going for it. This show is empowering to young girls. Barbie has always been like that, she has had a variety of jobs over all these years! That is a real great attitude. Girls are computer programmers, have an interest in building things, making robots and playing sports. How wicked is that!? There is a lot of technology in this show and in today’s society we can all relate to technology because it’s all around us, everywhere. 

Negative  – I don’t like how Closet is so bossy and weirdly particular. And at times, Barbie can be a bit much, but we can all be sometimes. There are also body image issues. That is a big concern for me and I hope one day Mattel will make figures with different body shapes instead of just one type. Barbie and her friends all have the same body type, and it shouldn’t be that way. I noticed in the episodes I watched that there are no characters with a different body type and that’s not fair. The same goes for Ken and Ryan, it’s not the right message for girls or boys. It is important for children to feel good about themselves as they are growing up and seeing unrealistic body types is not healthy.

Of course there is commercialism, but we are surrounded by commercials everyday.  Some people really hate it and believe it encourages kids to beg their parents to buy them the products, but it is a parent’s responsibility to lay the rules out right. I honestly think it’s cool to see the products in the show before purchasing. That’s the way it’s always been – Barbie always wants more, what do you expect?

This show depicts a successful Barbie who has been around for awhile. 

Who cares what age you are? If you like it, don’t be ashamed to be a Barbie fan! 

She’s just a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world – life in plastic, it’s fantastic (literally). 

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