The Kominsky Method (Season 1) Review

With the camera rolling for half an hour, The Kominsky Method is a show filled with laughter, fun and life’s curveballs— very entertaining, absolutely spectacular, very blunt and different — a must see! Here’s the details:

It’s just the beginning for Sandy Kominsky and his good friend and agent, Norman Newlander, both dealing with the slow old-age difficulties and life’s struggles right from the start. Set in Los Angeles, this stunning city filled with beauty and value for the two friends is just the perfect place for spending their later years and growing old together. Sandy is an acting coach who now runs his own acting school, trying to make a living by teaching young actors (a job that seems to be coming to an end) along with some help from his daughter, Mindy.

Norman depends on his best buddy Sandy more than ever when he loses someone very special to him while also dealing with his daughter’s problems that he just can’t seem to be bothered with since he’s got enough of his own. Sandy, on the other hand, is experiencing some “testy” troubles, which doesn’t stop him from giving the dating thing a go as he wants to give romance a try with one of his students.

Add it onto your list, it’s worth your time! The only thing is, they do talk a lot about health problems and prostate issues. Although that might not be in your area code, there’s something there that’s enjoyable to watch. It shows you what it’s like to get older in a fun way and hey, if you’re in a similar demographic and can relate, I bet it’s even better!

Everyone should have a buddy to talk to about life stuff and be able to joke about it and if you’ve got that person, your life is settled and they’re a keeper.

I loved it and I want more! This show is the best! It is so beautiful to see the nature of life in a TV show with amazing acting! This is my show I like to watch when I’m feeling down because it always makes me laugh out loud and puts me in a better mood. Great acting, great hearts and great drama that can never be replaced.

Thank you, Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas! You’re both a joy to watch and make great teammates.

Grade: A

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