Gentek True Wireless 2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Model: TW2

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Battery: 50mAh x2

Case Battery: 400mAH

Standby: 40 Hrs

Playtime: 2 Hrs

My review: 3/10

I bought these wireless Bluetooth earbuds because as we all know, AirPods are way too expensive. Since they were cheap, I thought I would give them a try and test them out.

Here’s what I think about these knockoffs:

As soon as I paired the buds with my phone, they worked right away. They were charged when I opened them at about a 95 % charge, so I couldn’t wait to start using them.  I did notice that after 15-20 minutes they died. I took that to mean the buds needed a full charge to get the full experience.

The battery – is terrible, but the case holds some pretty good charges. The box says it holds up to 4 complete charges which is very true. However, when they are fully charged you will still only get around 15-20 minutes until they die. This I do find very annoying since you will have to keep charging them.

Audio calls – are the worst! The other end will keep saying “what? I can’t hear you” every so often. These buds are not noise canceling earbuds whatsoever and the sound quality is terrible. I ended up disconnecting and talking on my iPhone instead.

Cutting in and out while in your pocket – I found that once the earbuds are connected and you put your smartphone in your pocket, the connection will cut in and out in a weird way. However, when I connected on Windows 10 OS, I didn’t notice any cut outs. Using these with your PC might stop that interference.

Volume – the volume is just the right amount. It doesn’t go up too high or too low.

Comfortability – Not too comfortable in your ears. They feel a bit bulky and odd if you have smaller ears.

I’m just using these for my PC and if I need to get some fast chores done around the house. Although they could be worse and the price is right, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on these cheap earbuds. Try and save for something better – your ears will thank you later!

2 thoughts on “Gentek True Wireless 2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review”

  1. Sorry for the long reply I wasn’t keeping up with my comments. My apologies. Unfortunately there is no way to stop that blue light from flashing. Bluetooth pairing flashing lights can be frustrating, especially in the dark. My suggestion is to cut a small piece of tape and put it where the light is flashing from. It should slightly cover it and wont make it as bright of a blue light, especially in the dark.


  2. Sorry for the long reply, I wasn’t keeping up with my comments. My apologies. These earbuds should work with your Samsung A50. Try pushing the button on one of the earbuds to put it in paring mode. If TW2 doesn’t show up in your bluetooth list, try turning off bluetooth on your device and turning it back on again. Good luck!


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