Vintage Sylvania Pathmaker CATV Cable TV Box – 1980’s

This bad boy has been around since the early ’80s. I wanted to do a little research on cable boxes from the 80’s but didn’t really find much, which was a little disappointing.

On the back, there is a sticker that says this vintage device was distributed by Champagne Converter & Communication. I googled this name to find out some info like – was this company successful? Are they still around today? But I couldn’t find any info about the company, which was a bummer. (So if any of you know more about this company please share with me)

Basic cable box is marked JAN 18 1983. Model # 4041. One coax cable input, one coax cable output, AC power switch which will turn off when you push the On/Off button on the remote and there is a spot to plug in the remote that looks like a phone jack. The model number is on the bottom but also stamped at the back so you didn’t have to flip your box over. I like the stamp idea because you don’t see stamped cable boxes anymore.

The remote (converter control unit) is very large and bulky, especially compared to remotes today, and looks like a calculator. I’m curious if the buttons were hard to press after a while; they look like they would have been hard to press after some time. This unit says 1983 but it seems like the remote was upgraded in 1985. The remote plugs into the back of the box and the cord looks just like a telephone cord.

I really wanted to take it apart to see what was inside but I don’t have the weird 3-way screwdriver so I couldn’t.

It’s interesting to see old vintage tech and how far we have come, but never forget our past electronics!

Cool 1980s tech, dude!