DIY 3.5″ Floppy Diskette Coasters in 3 Easy Steps!

Ok, who remembers using these beauties?

They are pretty much useless now, but if you love retro computer stuff, this project is for you. Don’t even think about throwing away your outdated disks. You can easily repurpose them by making something cool like these coasters and it’s actually useful to the home.

I miss using floppy disks. The feel of inserting the pretty coloured disks into the drive, and then there’s that grinding noise when the disk is being read. Ah, the old tech days.

I came across this idea on Pinterest and I just had to make my own floppy disk coasters. Who wouldn’t want these to show off and bring back memories of the good old days?! Plus this project is very easy and cheap if you already have discs.

Now it’s time to get to work!

Materials needed:

Floppy disks (I used 3.5″)
Self-adhesive corkboard
Goo Gone
Exacto knife

The Craft Project – just 3 easy steps

  1. Decide if you want to keep the label on or not. If you decide to take the label off, peel it with an exacto knife as it will help with removing the adhesive. Once the label is off, you can use a Q-Tip and apply a little bit of Goo Gone to remove the excess glue. Wipe the top of the disk with some dish soap to finish it off.
  2. Cut the corkboard to fit the diskette. It’s easier to trace it around the disk to ensure you are going to get the perfect shape. Use scissors to cut it out and trim down anything extra that might hang over the sides.

3. Even though the corkboard is adhesive, you can still apply some glue to the back to ensure you get a real good stick. I used tacky glue. Put some glue on the back of the disk but don’t apply too much and spread it evenly. Also, make sure the sides are glued all the way around (but not too much as you don’t want it to leak over). Do not place glue on the hub of the magnetic disc which is the silver round part on the back. As soon as you are finished applying the glue (don’t take too long) you can apply the corkboard in place. If you want extra protection you can add vinyl sheets and clear mod pudge to seal the top. I just sealed the top of the disc with a sealer and it looks great.

Ah, there’s nothing like a true blast from the past once you place your drinks on these. Not only do you get to show them off, you can feel good about making them yourself instead of just tossing them away. Oh, and they also make GREAT gifts. So if you have lots of disks, why not share them with your fellow techies?

That’s it! There you have it, some sweet retro floppy diskette coasters.