Gaming: Creating Your Game Character/Appearance

Some people don’t care about this stuff, while others just love it and dive right into it. Some also might say there’s not enough customization options out there but depending on the game, I think there’s just enough and is improving day by day.

Video game character creation is just pure awesome. Why? Because they can be wealthy, poor, slick and cool or just nasty. You aim for a drastic new look. Clothing choices that will blow your mind sending you on your way looking fresh and flashy. Hairstyles short and long and some good lookin’ ‘staches you might dream of wanting in real life. You get to choose how you roll. Ah, game personality – your game character has flaws, good, bad and ugly. ALL IN ONE WORLD of your choice.

Isn’t that what we deserve? You can escape to your own little world where you can play however you want, have whatever you want and could ever need. Correct me if I’m wrong but damn, we don’t get NEAR anything in life like this for a small price and however much time you put into it.

Video games have come a long way. Today’s graphics are so swell you can literally feel like you are in the game.

This is what makes video games fun. Especially if you have the right TV and audio setup going on.

Game world is fantastic! And by the time you are ready to turn the game off you feel good about your accomplishments and can’t wait until the next time to do it all over again.

Here’s my character from one of my favorite games – Red Dead Online.

LeAmbre – 50 % Angel 50 % Hitman

So, what character are you gonna be? What path shall you choose. . .