N64 Jumper Pak: What is this thing?

I was going through a box of gaming stuff I bought when I came across this interesting gadget. I wondered to myself, what is this thing and what does it do?

This is a Jumper Pak for Nintendo 64, it came preinstalled in the console, and it turns out that it doesn’t really do much. According to my research, all this thing does is fill the memory expansion port so that the system works. The Jumper Pak tells the system that the only memory available is the basic 4 MB it comes with. Without it, you won’t get a picture when you turn on your N64.

If you buy an Expansion Pak, which adds an extra 4 MB of memory, you have to pop the Jumper Pak out using either the Jumper Pak Ejector Tool or a small spoon. Then you can insert the Expansion Pak in its place and enjoy the extra memory.

I had no idea this was hiding inside the console. Maybe you didn’t know either. Isn’t it interesting what you can find in a random box of electronics?