Picture This! Exploring the World of Photography

Picture This! Exploring the World of Photography 

With the popularity of cell phone cameras, it seems that almost everyone thinks they’re a photographer these days. However, what if you’re really serious about your craft? Not only can photography be a fun hobby, it can also be a thrilling and satisfying career. There are numerous genres in the photography world, so there’s got to be at least one style that will float your creative boat.

• Food Photography: Due to the growing number of food blogs and websites like Pinterest, food photography has become one of the most popular genres of photography out there. Inspired by social media, many people take pictures of their meals and share them with the world, gaining lots of followers along the way. Restaurants and other food-service businesses may have use for your skills in order to promote their establishments. So if you’re a foodie and you want to share your love, food photography may be what you’re looking for.

• Nature Photography: Have you ever picked up a copy of National Geographic magazine and admired the beautiful photographs of colorful tropical islands, exotic faraway lands, and other wonders of the natural world? Have you ever wished you could be the one taking these shots? If a flight to a distant place is out of the question, visit a local park or explore the nature in your backyard. You will take some lovely pictures and appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you.

• Wildlife Photography: Maybe you would like to take your nature photography to the next level by capturing snapshots of animals doing their natural thang and going about their daily business. As a wildlife photographer, you must plan carefully and make sure you are comfortable and familiar with your camera equipment in case you have to change a lens or an angle. Respect the wildlife and remember these are wild animals, no matter how adorable they are.

• Travel Photography: If you like to travel, travel photography could be the perfect way to combine business with pleasure. Whether you’re vacationing locally or flying to another continent, people love to read stories and see beautiful photographs of your trips.

• Wedding Photography: There’s nothing better than capturing images of happy couples on their wedding day? The delight of being a wedding photographer is witnessing and documenting the cheer and celebration between two people and their family and friends on their special day. Another advantage of this genre is occasionally traveling to different locations for destination weddings.

• Aerial Photography: Although it was previously accessible only to aircraft, aerial photography has gained in popularity over the last few years because of the availability of drones. A few hundred dollars can buy you a decent drone of your own, complete with a high-definition camera that can take pictures from great heights. There are many professions that now use drones, such as social media content creators, city planners, and wedding photographers.

• Sports Photography: Does the sound of a bat hitting a ball or the sight of a perfect play pump you up? Armed with a high-speed long-lens camera, sports photographers capture the adrenaline rush of big league live sporting events for fans who couldn’t be there. These high-quality images will live on forever. You could also gain experience by photographing sports teams in your local area.

• Advertising Photography: This genre allows you to stretch your creative muscles and help create promotional campaigns for large corporations and small businesses. They all need someone to snap cool pictures of their stuff so people will want to buy it. That person could be you!

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about the world of photography 🙂 Never forget to enjoy what you are doing and that feeling will come across in your pictures.

Snap a nice day!