Dollarama Tech Find: Mouse Pad

Tech 1 Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Non-slip backing 

Price – $1.50

My Rating: 5/5

If you are looking to purchase a basic mouse pad, you might want to consider looking at a dollar store near you. I was looking for a mouse pad and to my surprise Dollarama had one. Turns out, it might just do the trick for you as it has me, and at a fantastic price. This basic mousepad was only $1.50, and it works just as good as my mouse pad that I bought from Amazon for $15.

It does exactly what it is supposed to do, and it really is a good pad considering the price. It is comfortable for a good period of time, and it’s more relaxing for my wrist as I can rest it on the wrist support. This mouse pad doesn’t slip when in use and it glides across accurately. The fabric stays intact — I have been using it for a week with a decent amount of use, and my  fingernails haven’t left any scratches. It’s only been a week, but it’s a little surprising that it hasn’t shown any signs of wear, yet. I love it, I love it even more because I spent next to nothing instead of blowing my money on an expensive mouse pad that does the exact same thing! 

For $1.50 it’s worth a try to see if you like it… why wouldn’t you?

Dell Laptop: You Just Never Know What You Might Find In Your Express Card Slot

If your laptop supports an EC slot, this post might have you looking to the side. You might just find one of these in there.

Mini ruler (imperial & metric), diameter holes of some sort and a letter opener
Fahrenheit to celsius tempature conversion

Pretty cool right? Well I thought so anyways. Things like this amuse me.

Dell decided to design this cool multi-tool to fill the slot instead of a plain boring one. That’s actually a genius idea which makes this baby a pretty awesome feature, imo.

This tool was designed with a creative mind and can be very useful for professionals. Maybe not so much now, but this will always be a great tool as your sidekick.

Beats a pointless piece of plastic, huh?

Why You Should Consider Getting Yourself a Rechargeable Cordless Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

When it’s time to get a new mouse, you should seriously consider buying a rechargeable bluetooth mouse, and here’s why.

1) USB Recharging – such a better option. This means no more batteries, which is excellent for the environment. Batteries are dangerous to the planet. Rechargeable also means you will be saving a lot more money as you won’t have to buy those expensive batteries anymore. 

2) Easy to program – I know that a USB Wireless mouse is much easier because all you need to do is plug and play and for the most part you are ready to start using it. But bluetooth mice are actually just as easy to sync with a quick pairing and a few clicks before you are connected. Most devices these days have bluetooth already. But some mice have both options. 

3) Because they’re awesome to have around. You can use them on your devices that offer bluetooth – just make sure it’s compatible. I use my bluetooth mouse for my phone, tablet and computer. 

4) Light weight – because a rechargeable mouse won’t use batteries, this makes the mouse much lighter which in my opinion makes it more comfortable to work with and doesn’t feel weighed down. It just glides nicely without much effort. Also less weight if you need to carry it around in a bag. 

5) Slim design – makes it easier to store in your bag, because it doesn’t take up as much room. It has a very nice shape and gives you a good feel when you’re using it if you have smaller hands.

6) The battery lasts a long time. I use my mouse quite a bit and I don’t need to charge it for at least 3 days. If you use your mouse everyday, with heavy usage you could put it on the charger every night so you are always charged up. 

7) It’s cheap and affordable for everyone. You can get a half decent mouse for $20. I would check out your favorite websites and search for keywords “rechargeable mouse” – just make sure it says rechargeable. 

For all of these reasons, I believe that a rechargeable bluetooth mouse is the best option when you’re looking for your next mouse.