Just In Time for Summer: Kick Off Your Summer Right With A New Update From Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Free Summer Update: Wave 1

When will Nintendo release the free update available to download? Launching July 3, 2020 – so you’ve got some time to get your island prepped exactly how you want it for ocean life! I have read a lot about players getting bored of the game and looking for something new. Well here it is! ❤

Exciting right? I’m a newbie and just when I thought the New Horizon escape life was already pretty sweet, now it’s gonna be even sweeter. So get ready to dance your way into the new update that will be ready for you in only 3 days! That’s this Friday, so all week we finally have something good to look forward too! 🙂

Are you ready to read what’s new for your personal island paradise? Let’s get to it!!!!

Your island oceans are opening up: The ability to go swimming AND diving around your island. Swimming out to the sea will let you meet up with a familiar face: Pascal the sea otter and he just might have something in store for you once you find him. Apparently, you will need a wet suit in order to dive in. Once you have your wet suit on, the sea is officially all yours to discover and explore.

Live it up in sea world and you will catch some new sea creatures – anemones, eels, scallops and even more to donate to Blather’s museum.

I went to the museum to talk to Blathers about the new update. But Blathers was sleeping, so I took a pic while Blath was sleeping. Hopefully resting up and getting ready for Friday!
I’m glad I brought these fine fish in. I love looking out the window at them.
Scenery from the museum.

Mr. Pelican Gulliver himself will get a new clothing style. Apparently he is getting a new pirate look and he will be giving players an unknown “special reward” for lending him a hand. Well, that should be interesting… I really want to help him, but I still haven’t found any of his communicator parts yet. 😦 I don’t even know where the hell he is right now, so this should be fun when I do find him!!

Tanabata Holiday: Celebrated by Japanese on the 7th of July, this holiday will also be celebrated in this new update. It’s not known if this will be a wordwide thing, or if items will be available worldwide, but I hope so! I think that would be a pretty cool experience for a day.

This update will also give you some new DIY crafts and mermaid themed DIY recipes straight to your inbox.

I can’t wait to try it out, I’m ridiculously hyped for this update. I love that feeling when you hop onto things in the game so I can only imagine what jumping into the water will be like. I just started playing about 3 weeks ago and really hoped to at least dip my feet into the water, only to find out I couldn’t. So this update will be pretty special for me. I’m also wondering if some of the characters will get some new lines, it gets pretty boring hearing the same old stuff.

But that’s not it!! There will be a returning feature…stay tuned for Wave 2, planned to come out early August! Dude, Animal Crossing literally has our summer set. Life in 2020 sure has been a bit insane, but don’t worry, Animal Crossing’s life simulator will help you escape, and I’m sure it will only get better and better!

Shoutouts to Nintendo for developing and publishing such a great game just in time for these difficult times.

And of course
Director – Aya Kyogoku
Producer – Hisashu Nogami
Programmers – Yoshitaka Takeshita and Hiromichi Miyake
Artist – Koji Takahashi
Writer – Makoto Wada
And the composers – Yasuaki Iwata
Yumi Takahashi
Shinobu Nagata
Sayako Doi
Masato Ohashi

You guys are wonderful and thank you for creating real escapism for so many gamers around the world to help us through the current situation and bring communities together ❤

Well, Nintendo Crossing fans, that’s it for now. I can hardly wait to watch my download install with a glass of iced java as I get ready to make even more memories while discovering my getaway journey with Animal Crossing.

Take care!

Nintendo 2DS Mario Kart 7 Bundle – Electric Blue 2 Review

Developer: Nintendo

Type: Handheld console

Release date: October 12, 2013

Generation: Eighth generation 

Backward compatibility: Nintendo DSi / Nintendo DS

Dimensions: Height – 12.7 cm (5.0 in) / Depth – 2.03 cm (0.80 in) / Width – 14.4 cm (5.7 in)

Weight: 9.2 ounces 

Media: Digital and physical

Online services: Nintendo Network

Connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz 

Battery: 1300 mAh lithium-ion 

Memory: 128 MB FCRAM / 6 MB VRAM

CPU: Dual-Core ARM11 MPCore / single-core ARM9

Display: Top – 3.53” LCD (400 x 240) / Bottom – 3.02” touchscreen LCD (320x 240)

Storage: Includes 4 GB SD Card / 1 GB internal flash memory 

Graphics: DMP PICA200 GPU

Camera: User facing / Forward facing camera

Speaker: Microphone/ Mono

The Nintendo 2DS is basically just like a 3DS minus the 3D effect. This may not bother you if you have no interest in the 3D visuals.

Although you may think Nintendo is best suited for kids, I believe Nintendo is for gamers of all ages who want to give it a try, especially if you owned or played the older systems.

Price is affordable: Depending where you are planning to purchase it, you can get the Nintendo 2DS at a reasonable price tag and it’s worth every dollar spent! Included in the box: Pre-installed game, Nintendo 2DS, charger, stylus, 4GB SD card for storage and 6 AR cards.

It’s comfortable: The Nintendo 2DS is comfortable to hold when playing for long periods of time. In fact, after a few hours of game play I’m still comfortable and craving even more play.

Hingeless: No hinge means no moving pieces that will slowly break down over time. There will be less strain on the device making it last longer. The bad – since there is nothing to fold away, the screens are open to air particles that can be left on the screen. I would recommend getting screen protectors and an enclosed zipper case to fully protect your device.

Battery: I normally have my brightness down low between 1-2. Excellent battery life. I can leave the device for a few days, come back and I will get a little play out of it before having to charge it, so it’s very efficient. Battery life gets 2 thumbs up!

Design/Construction: Durable, solid and sturdy device. Good sound, just the right volume when turned up all the way. Wifi is excellent. Sleep option is great so you are able to come back to gameplay quickly. Lots of options when deciding how you want to customize your home pages. There’s so much to choose from, including themes. Stylus is easy to take out and put back in.

Games: When compared to other consoles, the prices of Nintendo 2DS games are a little more affordable without breaking your bank. Older games are also compatible, which means you can keep your entire game library – old and new – and go back in time. Pre installed Mario Kart is hours of fun – what a great game to include! It never gets boring, and the online feature is absoutley unforgettable. Games, demos and apps are also available to purchase and download in the Nintendo E-Shop through wifi only.

The only thing I dislike about this device is the circle pad – it feels cheap, slippery and weird. Also if you have long fingernails it will start to show nail markings on the directional pad. I would like to see a better pad in the future. Aside from these minor complaints, I highly recommend the Nintendo 2DS for all gamers.