Just In Time for Summer: Kick Off Your Summer Right With A New Update From Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Free Summer Update: Wave 1

When will Nintendo release the free update available to download? Launching July 3, 2020 – so you’ve got some time to get your island prepped exactly how you want it for ocean life! I have read a lot about players getting bored of the game and looking for something new. Well here it is! ❤

Exciting right? I’m a newbie and just when I thought the New Horizon escape life was already pretty sweet, now it’s gonna be even sweeter. So get ready to dance your way into the new update that will be ready for you in only 3 days! That’s this Friday, so all week we finally have something good to look forward too! 🙂

Are you ready to read what’s new for your personal island paradise? Let’s get to it!!!!

Your island oceans are opening up: The ability to go swimming AND diving around your island. Swimming out to the sea will let you meet up with a familiar face: Pascal the sea otter and he just might have something in store for you once you find him. Apparently, you will need a wet suit in order to dive in. Once you have your wet suit on, the sea is officially all yours to discover and explore.

Live it up in sea world and you will catch some new sea creatures – anemones, eels, scallops and even more to donate to Blather’s museum.

I went to the museum to talk to Blathers about the new update. But Blathers was sleeping, so I took a pic while Blath was sleeping. Hopefully resting up and getting ready for Friday!
I’m glad I brought these fine fish in. I love looking out the window at them.
Scenery from the museum.

Mr. Pelican Gulliver himself will get a new clothing style. Apparently he is getting a new pirate look and he will be giving players an unknown “special reward” for lending him a hand. Well, that should be interesting… I really want to help him, but I still haven’t found any of his communicator parts yet. 😦 I don’t even know where the hell he is right now, so this should be fun when I do find him!!

Tanabata Holiday: Celebrated by Japanese on the 7th of July, this holiday will also be celebrated in this new update. It’s not known if this will be a wordwide thing, or if items will be available worldwide, but I hope so! I think that would be a pretty cool experience for a day.

This update will also give you some new DIY crafts and mermaid themed DIY recipes straight to your inbox.

I can’t wait to try it out, I’m ridiculously hyped for this update. I love that feeling when you hop onto things in the game so I can only imagine what jumping into the water will be like. I just started playing about 3 weeks ago and really hoped to at least dip my feet into the water, only to find out I couldn’t. So this update will be pretty special for me. I’m also wondering if some of the characters will get some new lines, it gets pretty boring hearing the same old stuff.

But that’s not it!! There will be a returning feature…stay tuned for Wave 2, planned to come out early August! Dude, Animal Crossing literally has our summer set. Life in 2020 sure has been a bit insane, but don’t worry, Animal Crossing’s life simulator will help you escape, and I’m sure it will only get better and better!

Shoutouts to Nintendo for developing and publishing such a great game just in time for these difficult times.

And of course
Director – Aya Kyogoku
Producer – Hisashu Nogami
Programmers – Yoshitaka Takeshita and Hiromichi Miyake
Artist – Koji Takahashi
Writer – Makoto Wada
And the composers – Yasuaki Iwata
Yumi Takahashi
Shinobu Nagata
Sayako Doi
Masato Ohashi

You guys are wonderful and thank you for creating real escapism for so many gamers around the world to help us through the current situation and bring communities together ❤

Well, Nintendo Crossing fans, that’s it for now. I can hardly wait to watch my download install with a glass of iced java as I get ready to make even more memories while discovering my getaway journey with Animal Crossing.

Take care!

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Played on: iOS / iPad

Price: Free

My rating: 7/10

Also on: Android, iOS, Web Browser 

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Shooter

Release date: June 4, 2014 

This is the follow-up to the first Bubble Witch Saga and this time there’s more fun and adventure. This popular match-three bubble poppin’ spooky puzzle game has got some good bubble tricks up its sleeve and to top it off, Stella the witch is back in town. You will explore this fun and exciting kingdom where you burst bubbles by matching three of the same colours, unleashing a spooky adventure along the way. Bubble Witch brings a magical strategy! 

I think this game is pretty cool and the graphics are neat. Although this game is fun any time of the year, it would be perfect to play around Halloween 🙂 So add it to your list of games to play around Halloween to help you get into the spooky spirit. 

Game likes:  Cute and fun game! This game will help you relax and keep you entertained. Bubble Witch is challenging and there are lots and lots of levels! These two combinations bring a really good gaming experience. I also feel like this game will help you if you have problems concentrating because you need to focus. This game will also improve your aiming. This game is great for all ages and you should give it a try, especially if you are familiar with other King games. 

So get ready to download Bubble Witch 2, hop on your broomstick and come play with Stella to free the kingdom of the dark side! 

A Boy and His Blob

Played on: PlayStation Now / PlayStation 4 

My review rating: 7/10

Also on: Xbox One, Wii, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, iOS, Android, Linux

Genre: Puzzle

Summary: Planet Blobolania is in danger from a corrupt emperor, so Blob escapes to Earth to look for help. After crash-landing, he is discovered by an unnamed boy and they team up. The boy gives the Blob different coloured jelly beans that enable Blob to transform into different things to help you solve the puzzle. Blob’s basic commands include turning into a ballon, a ladder or a hole in the ground. If the boy falls from a distance or makes contact with an enemy or dangerous object, your boy will be heading back to the very start. 

Originally released for the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989, the updated version of A Boy and His Blob is one of the most adorable and charming puzzle games you will ever find! It’s fun and adventurous. The fluid 2D-style art is hand-drawn and I really like that feel, it’s very gorgeous and has a uniqueness of its own. 

Review: I really enjoy this game, especially when I’m looking for a different feel kind of game. My favourite thing about the game is how you can tell the Blob to do different things like calling Blob, telling Blob to calm down and giving him a hug for all his hard work. The downside to this game is that you have to figure out the controls on your own. 

Since the game doesn’t come with a real tutorial and an explanation of what to do, I added the controls here for PS4:

Right stick: move boy

Triangle: calls Blob 

Down D-Pad: tells Blob to calm down 

Blob commands: Square + Left stick, then select which command you want. Let go, then press Circle to drop jellybean and Triangle to call Blob if necessary

Left D-Pad: Moves the screen 

Very creative game! I wish I had a Blob and lots of jellies to solve some of my problems!

Adventure Time: Pirates of the Enchiridion

Played on: PlayStation Now / PlayStation 4 

My review rating: 5.5/10

Also on: PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Genre: Open-world exploration, Adventure

Release date: Jul 17, 2018 

Summary: Time for some adventure! After waking up Jake and Finn notice the whole Ice Kingdom has melted. Jake and Finn has been known to rescue the land of Ooo before, but this time it is a bit of a challenge for them. Someone mysterious has been up to no good messing with another Enchiridion, this mysterious someone has decided to use it to flood Ooo and now the land is underwater. Your job is to help the boys solve their newest mystery of the land and sea and find out who it is! You will explore in the highest seas, bust shady suspects, find clues and fight to solve the unsolved mysteries in the Adventure Time World. 

Review: This game wasn’t what I was expecting but it is still good. I enjoyed my little adventure and even had a few laughs. I was really enjoying this game so much until I had enough with the combat over and over again. That was my only problem with the game – the amount of grinding got to be too much. This I don’t mind at all, but when there is just too much of it I won’t be enjoying it. If it’s your kinda thing, this game could be for you. It can be challenging, which means you won’t be bored and it will keep you busy. I didn’t like the spinning disc because I didn’t like making sure I had to stop on the right section; if I missed it, it was annoying when I got the wrong one. 

Game likes: The cartoon graphics are awesome! I like how you can switch characters and how easy the quests are to find in the map. My favourite is how the boat cruises and glides smoothly on top of the water.  When Jake (the dog) reaches into the water and extends his hands to collect things in the water. BMO is awesome! The map is fun and adorable. 

Favourite quotes: Jake – “You know me, dude… I am a non-stop stargazin’ machine. I can go all night!” & “Is that our fridge?”  

If you’re thinking of trying it out, I would go for it and see how far the adventure takes you!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy your time with Adventure Time!