– The Best iPhone 11 Case Deal I’ve Found Yet!

Upgrade a phone, time to look around for a new case. Whether you’re looking for something high-end or something basic, this case I came across on Amazon is cheap, decent and it might meet your needs if you’re an iPhone 11 user. 

I had what I thought was a decent case but after one drop, it broke. If you’re like me and have bad luck with cases, do you ever wonder if your iPhone should just go commando? After the things that I’ve just read, it’s not a good idea. I thought the newer iPhones were supposed to be more durable when dropped?!… guess not. Keep the case on, folks, it’s too good to be true yet. 

If you’re in the market for an iPhone 11 case and you’re a shopper on Amazon Canada, I want to share my reasons why this case might be for you, especially when comparing it to other cases out there, or if you’re just sick of looking for something half decent, or maybe you want to gift it!

Product: LK iPhone 11 Case with 2 Pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector Acrylic Back and TPU Bumper, Shock-Absorption, Full Protection Cover – Clear

Colour choices: clear, red, black 
My review colour: Clear
Reg Price: $19.99 (currently on sale as of March 22, 2021) 
Delivery time: fast (2 days), A + Satisfaction


Full drop protection – absorbs shocks when dropping
Acrylic back for full transparancy
TPU bumper
Full protection cover
Wireless charging

The contents of this box seem phenomenal. You know that situation when you don’t know what to expect, but upon opening you know there’s some good stuff in there because it’s crammed full. It’s very well protected. Everything is bundled so CAREFULLY 🤍 I immediately looked at both screen protectors to see if they were damaged at all – they both arrived safely. Upon unraveling everything else I was so very surprised about the packaging and what was included 😍

• X2 screen protectors
• A bag of screen cleaning tools including dust absorbers and guide stickers
• Screen guide to help position the screen protector properly (this one is a big bonus for people that feel they aren’t very good installing these on their own)
• Info cards recommending that you watch their easy installation video first. However, I was disappointed to see their video for this specific installation was unavailable. But there is another video available that gives you a general idea of how to install it.
• And you just might be a lucky ducky that gets the chance to get an extra free gift. I will keep my readers updated on this free gift thing!

This is such a good deal! You should feel comfortable when it comes to putting your own screen protector on. This kit encourages you to do it yourself and makes you feel confident that you can do it successfully. A phone shop could charge you anywhere between $10-30 for 1 protector + installation. This doesn’t even include the case. Why give them all the dough when you can save a few by doing it yourself?

How did the installation go? Pretty amazing! The screen protector just falls into place with no bubbling at the start. Even though I was really excited about the screen guide, I didn’t end up using it. Make sure you give your screen a really good cleaning and make sure you are using your dust absorber to remove any excess dust even after cleaning the screen with a micro fibre cloth. Dust specks are what causes bubbles and when you get bubbles, it doesn’t look pretty.

Overall thoughts: the value you get for this at $19.99 is amazing and you will feel like you spent your money well! Holding the case feels comfortable and tapping on the screen feels responsive and glides smoothly. The case is raised so when you put your phone down, the camera lenses won’t touch the table.

My final verdict is that LK has outdone themselves with this case. I would recommend they update their YouTube video but besides that I’m really impressed with this product and I think you will be too!

Dollarama Finds: Tech Cases

Dollarama might be the golden ticket if you are searching for some tech cases for your devices. I was on the hunt for a laptop case, tablet case and a Nintendo Switch case. I searched and found 1 case alone was around $20. At Dollarama I found 3 cases for all my gadgets under $15! Turns out these cases are actually really nice which is awesome. I think cases from the dollar store are true tech bargins so next time you pop into one have a look down the electronics aisle, you might be surprised what you find! Keep in mind not all stores will sell the same product, you might find the exact same one or a similar one!

Here are my finds:

Hi-Pro Laptop Sleeve (Olive Green) – There were lots of color choices to choose from
Company: World Richman Mfg. Corporation
Price = $4

Fits up to 15.4″ inch laptops
-Fits most laptops with up to a 15.4″ screen
Lightweight slim case
Durable construction
Fits easily into a business case
High quality neoprene (protects against scratches)

I really like this case it fits my 14″ HP 14a perfectly with some room for my bluetooth mouse and a little extra room. It keeps the dust off my laptop and does a great job at protecting the laptop in my backpack.

Incase 13″ Laptop Classic Sleeve (Dark Purple) – There were lots of color choices to choose from
Price = $4

Complete protection
Plush faux-fur lining
Airport security friendly

I got this for my iPad and it fits perfectly as well as the charger. If you are not aware of the Incase brand they are a familiar brand that Amazon and Best Buy sell. Some of these cases range from $20-$50 which is pretty wild to find it at the dollar store! The color is perfect, it has a nice soft inside and it protects my iPad from dust!

Tech Cord Case – Carry Cords & Small Electronics – There were lots of color choices to choose from
By: Schroeder & Tremayne
Price = $4

I found this exact same case on for $9.99 – again another good deal. It fits my Nintendo Switch perfectly and saves it from collecting dust on the shelf.

I’m all for saving cash as much as possible so these cases were a pretty sweet find and I hope you can get some decent accessories at a bargain too!