Gentek True Wireless 2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Model: TW2

Bluetooth version: 4.2

Battery: 50mAh x2

Case Battery: 400mAH

Standby: 40 Hrs

Playtime: 2 Hrs

My review: 3/10

I bought these wireless Bluetooth earbuds because as we all know, AirPods are way too expensive. Since they were cheap, I thought I would give them a try and test them out.

Here’s what I think about these knockoffs:

As soon as I paired the buds with my phone, they worked right away. They were charged when I opened them at about a 95 % charge, so I couldn’t wait to start using them.  I did notice that after 15-20 minutes they died. I took that to mean the buds needed a full charge to get the full experience.

The battery – is terrible, but the case holds some pretty good charges. The box says it holds up to 4 complete charges which is very true. However, when they are fully charged you will still only get around 15-20 minutes until they die. This I do find very annoying since you will have to keep charging them.

Audio calls – are the worst! The other end will keep saying “what? I can’t hear you” every so often. These buds are not noise canceling earbuds whatsoever and the sound quality is terrible. I ended up disconnecting and talking on my iPhone instead.

Cutting in and out while in your pocket – I found that once the earbuds are connected and you put your smartphone in your pocket, the connection will cut in and out in a weird way. However, when I connected on Windows 10 OS, I didn’t notice any cut outs. Using these with your PC might stop that interference.

Volume – the volume is just the right amount. It doesn’t go up too high or too low.

Comfortability – Not too comfortable in your ears. They feel a bit bulky and odd if you have smaller ears.

I’m just using these for my PC and if I need to get some fast chores done around the house. Although they could be worse and the price is right, I wouldn’t recommend wasting your money on these cheap earbuds. Try and save for something better – your ears will thank you later!