Why You Should Consider Getting Yourself a Rechargeable Cordless Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

When it’s time to get a new mouse, you should seriously consider buying a rechargeable bluetooth mouse, and here’s why.

1) USB Recharging – such a better option. This means no more batteries, which is excellent for the environment. Batteries are dangerous to the planet. Rechargeable also means you will be saving a lot more money as you won’t have to buy those expensive batteries anymore. 

2) Easy to program – I know that a USB Wireless mouse is much easier because all you need to do is plug and play and for the most part you are ready to start using it. But bluetooth mice are actually just as easy to sync with a quick pairing and a few clicks before you are connected. Most devices these days have bluetooth already. But some mice have both options. 

3) Because they’re awesome to have around. You can use them on your devices that offer bluetooth – just make sure it’s compatible. I use my bluetooth mouse for my phone, tablet and computer. 

4) Light weight – because a rechargeable mouse won’t use batteries, this makes the mouse much lighter which in my opinion makes it more comfortable to work with and doesn’t feel weighed down. It just glides nicely without much effort. Also less weight if you need to carry it around in a bag. 

5) Slim design – makes it easier to store in your bag, because it doesn’t take up as much room. It has a very nice shape and gives you a good feel when you’re using it if you have smaller hands.

6) The battery lasts a long time. I use my mouse quite a bit and I don’t need to charge it for at least 3 days. If you use your mouse everyday, with heavy usage you could put it on the charger every night so you are always charged up. 

7) It’s cheap and affordable for everyone. You can get a half decent mouse for $20. I would check out your favorite websites and search for keywords “rechargeable mouse” – just make sure it says rechargeable. 

For all of these reasons, I believe that a rechargeable bluetooth mouse is the best option when you’re looking for your next mouse.

The Debate Between Smartphone Batteries

Some say iPhone is better, some say it’s Android. Which one is better and how do you really know? 

I have used iPhone, Samsung and Blackberry devices, and from my experience I would say that your battery really depends on how you are using your device. And I do believe that battery (mAh) capacity is also important. 

If you are looking to get a phone with a really good battery, I would go for the highest mAh battery capacity when choosing a Smartphone. 

Smartphone brands mAh 

Here are a few examples

iPhone 8 –  1,821mAh

iPhone 8 Plus – 2,675mAh

iPhone XR – 2,942mAh

iPhone 11 – 3,110mAh 

iPhone 11 Pro – 3,046mAh 

Samsung Galaxy S10 – 3,400mAh

Samsung Galaxy S9 – 3,000mAh

Google Pixel 3 – 2,915mAh

Google Pixel 4 – 2,800mAh

Google Pixel 4 XL – 3,700mAh 

BlackBerry Key 2 – 3,500mAh 

But do you really think your smartphone with a higher mAh makes a difference? A higher mAh doesn’t mean you are going to get the best battery, it just means it will be slightly better. Just because you have a higher mAh doesn’t mean you will get the best battery at all times. It really depends on how you are using your device. 

If you’re good to your phone, it will be good to you. I hate having to run to an outlet when I see that my battery is low. It’s annoying especially if you had already charged it that same day. Who wants to keep charging their smartphone ALL THE TIME? I need my battery to last longer. Here’s what I do to get the most out of my battery life, and you can too no matter what device you are using. 

  1. Make sure you are running the latest software. This makes a big difference especially if the new update has battery performance improvements. 
  2. Be careful where you are using your smartphone. Too hot or too cold temperatures can affect your battery. By this I mean don’t use your smartphone in the direct sunlight, or in extreme cold weather conditions. If you need to use your phone outside on hot or cold days, use it with headphones of some sort and keep your device in your pocket to fully protect it from damage. 
  3. I don’t use my smartphone for video like YouTube or watching movies. The screen is way too small and it takes up so much of your battery. Why bother straining your eyes while you’re losing power at the same time? 
  4. Close your apps every time you put your phone down – I always close my apps when I’m done using them. 
  5. Keep the brightness down. Or make sure auto brightness is enabled. 
  6. Disable the apps you are not using all the time. (Bluetooth, GPS) If you are in an area with poor reception turn your device off until you get better reception and if you need to keep your device on, try using it with Wi-fi instead of cellular data. 
  7. When your device starts to slowly die, put it in energy saving/battery mode to keep as much battery as possible.  
  8. Don’t let the device die completely – when your device drops down to about 30% you should charge it. If you plan on storing your phone for backup, don’t store it under 50%; you should make sure the phone is 100% before tucking it away. 

If you find you are still losing too much battery power or are not satisfied, get a portable battery or case.

Reserve battery juice – don’t let it drain!