Wireless Heaven: All About Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is part of almost all digital devices. We have now reached the tech phase where it feels like everything comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth offers a wide range of functions and has become a big part of the wireless revolution. In a world full of wireless networking, you have likely come across it at some point in your life. It is very simple to connect, free to use, and easy to figure out.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology is a standardized protocol that was originally created in 1989. The technology uses short-range wireless communication to connect users to many different types of electronic devices like cell phones, speakers, personal computers, video game consoles, printers, cameras, and numerous other gadgets, which connect and share information with each other without proprietary cables.

Bluetooth allows your gadgets to communicate easily by connecting any two devices to one other wirelessly. This technology reduces the need for all those cords and adapters since your devices can sync directly with each other. Not only is Bluetooth a convenient way to wirelessly connect two devices together, you don’t even have to be in close range to use whatever device you choose.

The Beginning of Bluetooth

In 1994, Ericsson Mobile Communication proved the skill of connection and established the Bluetooth project. The name came from the story of the Danish King Harald Blåtand who was nicknamed “Bluetooth” because he loved eating blueberries, or maybe had a nibble on his enemies’ frozen flesh if you believe that crazy story! Over a thousand years ago, the king stopped the fighting between Denmark, Norway, and Sweden and brought them together, just like the Bluetooth technology connects all devices so they can work together instead of fighting each other. The Bluetooth name was supposed to be temporary, but it stuck and has become an established symbol on all of our devices. That blue and white logo is actually a bind rune combining King Bluetooth’s initials.

Simple Setup: Pairing and Bonding

Pairing and bonding your devices through a Bluetooth connection is easy and quick. Pairing is the first step that leads to bonding your gadgets together. When the devices are in range, they can discover and connect to each other, but must be paired before they can communicate. Once the device finds the discoverable one, you may be asked to enter a number as instructed by the user manual but one isn’t always required. Congratulations, your devices are now bonded.

Life is Easier With No Strings Attached

Bluetooth has become part of our everyday lives and made things easier thanks to the advantages and key features offered by Bluetooth. A big benefit of Bluetooth technology is the ability to live a stress-free life without tangled cables. Now you can get rid of the clutter that connects to your personal computer, headphones, speakers, and other gadgets, leaving you with a clear and well-maintained room free of wires lying on the floor. No more mess to look at or trip over! Finally, you no longer need to worry about what plug goes where.

Entertainment Everywhere

For a connected viewing and listening experience, you can’t go wrong with Bluetooth. These smart entertainment devices range from your home to the car and the rest is left to your imagination. All of these devices have the potential to add something exciting to your everyday life. For example, imagine doing your chores and not completely hating it thanks to your Bluetooth ‘buds rocking your favorite music, or hosting a Bluetooth ghetto-blasted outdoor party! On the deck, by the pool, or at the beach, you can take your music everywhere. 

Smart Home Devices

Bluetooth technology gives you the ability to easily turn your devices off and on wirelessly without even getting off the couch. This technology is designed to make your life more convenient than ever before, and it can provide essential assistance for seniors and people with mobility issues. By easing the burdens of life in many ways, Bluetooth technology can turn a home into a comfortable, relaxing, and complete atmosphere.

In The Car

Talk about 21st century problems. When operating a motor vehicle, it is extremely dangerous to drive with only one hand while you’re distracted by the smartphone in your other hand. Checking your Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook feeds is not an appropriate drive-time activity because you should always have both of your hands free while driving. Now, thanks to Bluetooth technology, you can use your voice to interact with your online life while driving safely. You are truly living in the future.

Health Benefits

When it comes to your health, Bluetooth can actually be put to good use. Using a physical activity tracker like Fitbit or apps on your smartphone, you can stay healthy by working out and living an active lifestyle. These devices and apps encourage you to keep track of daily tasks that will contribute to your general well-being and overall health.

Everything Is Better With Bluetooth

Why You Should Consider Getting Yourself a Rechargeable Cordless Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

When it’s time to get a new mouse, you should seriously consider buying a rechargeable bluetooth mouse, and here’s why.

1) USB Recharging – such a better option. This means no more batteries, which is excellent for the environment. Batteries are dangerous to the planet. Rechargeable also means you will be saving a lot more money as you won’t have to buy those expensive batteries anymore. 

2) Easy to program – I know that a USB Wireless mouse is much easier because all you need to do is plug and play and for the most part you are ready to start using it. But bluetooth mice are actually just as easy to sync with a quick pairing and a few clicks before you are connected. Most devices these days have bluetooth already. But some mice have both options. 

3) Because they’re awesome to have around. You can use them on your devices that offer bluetooth – just make sure it’s compatible. I use my bluetooth mouse for my phone, tablet and computer. 

4) Light weight – because a rechargeable mouse won’t use batteries, this makes the mouse much lighter which in my opinion makes it more comfortable to work with and doesn’t feel weighed down. It just glides nicely without much effort. Also less weight if you need to carry it around in a bag. 

5) Slim design – makes it easier to store in your bag, because it doesn’t take up as much room. It has a very nice shape and gives you a good feel when you’re using it if you have smaller hands.

6) The battery lasts a long time. I use my mouse quite a bit and I don’t need to charge it for at least 3 days. If you use your mouse everyday, with heavy usage you could put it on the charger every night so you are always charged up. 

7) It’s cheap and affordable for everyone. You can get a half decent mouse for $20. I would check out your favorite websites and search for keywords “rechargeable mouse” – just make sure it says rechargeable. 

For all of these reasons, I believe that a rechargeable bluetooth mouse is the best option when you’re looking for your next mouse.