Dollarama Find: PlayStation Gaming Tee

Dollarama Tech & Game Finds

Official Licenced Product: Playstation Buttons Tee
Short Sleeve T-Shirt // Unisex // 100% Cotton
Size: Large
Price: $4
Company: Makerwear

Attention all Canadian gamers! I found this shirt at Dollarama that you might want to bring home to add to your gaming wardrobe! It’s black with PlayStation controller button faces (triangle, circle, cross, square) in white print on the front.

My review: Upon opening I could feel that the shirt is very thin, but that doesn’t mean anything. It fits very comfortably, it’s breathable and flexible. I think it fits very well and I would say anyone that finds one of these shirts at such an affordable price scored big!

My research: The back of the box says MakerWear Inc. 2016 / I visited the website and is for sale! It seems like Dollarama got these because they went out of business. That would explain why they are being sold at such a good price. I’ve only seen one review on Poshmark about this product and it said the print on the front was cracking and fading.

I like the shirt so far, but we will see what happens after a few washes!

N64 Jumper Pak: What is this thing?

I was going through a box of gaming stuff I bought when I came across this interesting gadget. I wondered to myself, what is this thing and what does it do?

This is a Jumper Pak for Nintendo 64, it came preinstalled in the console, and it turns out that it doesn’t really do much. According to my research, all this thing does is fill the memory expansion port so that the system works. The Jumper Pak tells the system that the only memory available is the basic 4 MB it comes with. Without it, you won’t get a picture when you turn on your N64.

If you buy an Expansion Pak, which adds an extra 4 MB of memory, you have to pop the Jumper Pak out using either the Jumper Pak Ejector Tool or a small spoon. Then you can insert the Expansion Pak in its place and enjoy the extra memory.

I had no idea this was hiding inside the console. Maybe you didn’t know either. Isn’t it interesting what you can find in a random box of electronics?

Gaming: Creating Your Game Character/Appearance

Some people don’t care about this stuff, while others just love it and dive right into it. Some also might say there’s not enough customization options out there but depending on the game, I think there’s just enough and is improving day by day.

Video game character creation is just pure awesome. Why? Because they can be wealthy, poor, slick and cool or just nasty. You aim for a drastic new look. Clothing choices that will blow your mind sending you on your way looking fresh and flashy. Hairstyles short and long and some good lookin’ ‘staches you might dream of wanting in real life. You get to choose how you roll. Ah, game personality – your game character has flaws, good, bad and ugly. ALL IN ONE WORLD of your choice.

Isn’t that what we deserve? You can escape to your own little world where you can play however you want, have whatever you want and could ever need. Correct me if I’m wrong but damn, we don’t get NEAR anything in life like this for a small price and however much time you put into it.

Video games have come a long way. Today’s graphics are so swell you can literally feel like you are in the game.

This is what makes video games fun. Especially if you have the right TV and audio setup going on.

Game world is fantastic! And by the time you are ready to turn the game off you feel good about your accomplishments and can’t wait until the next time to do it all over again.

Here’s my character from one of my favorite games – Red Dead Online.

LeAmbre – 50 % Angel 50 % Hitman

So, what character are you gonna be? What path shall you choose. . .

Fido Internet Review August 3, 2019 – For Canadians – Ontario

I previously had Rogers internet and I wasn’t very satisfied… I left for a few reasons, but now I have Fido internet and you might be wondering if it provides a stable internet service.

The answer is YES! I give it 4.5/5. Here I will be giving you my honest feedback and I will continue to update this post so my readers don’t get left behind. So, if anything changes good or bad, I will be glad to let you know.

Everyone’s experience with an Internet provider will be different. My experience with Fido internet has been a good one! I have not experienced any connection issues like I did with Rogers and I am so happy that I switched. It has been working out very well for me.

When I had Rogers internet it wasn’t very reliable – it was slow, often the internet would just drop, the modem would reset and the amount of devices used at the same time on the network would make the internet connection very slow and wonky. 

I have been using Fido internet for 2 months and here’s my honest feedback so far:

Modem- All cables are included: power cord, coaxial cable and your ethernet cord. Therefore, no need to purchase any extra cords unless you are connecting more than one ethernet to the modem (there is room for 4 spots). There are no rental fees, and 0 % activation fee. So please be careful where you put it and take extra good care of it since it’s not yours! Oh, and shipping is free!

DIY Installation – The installation setup is very easy. If you are switching to Fido from another company, you will most likely have a coaxial line and you just connect that cable to the back of the modem. Plug in your power cord, ethernet cords and you are pretty much good to go. Once you have your modem turned on you will be able to continue the setup process on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Again, it is very easy to set up and so hassle-free your grandparents could do it with minimal complaining.

Wi-fi – Solid. Fido internet has not dropped on me once since I have gotten it. I have not experienced any slow speeds, and again no random dropped connections. I also have around 10 devices connected to it at the same time and it still runs fast, even when playing videos. Overall it runs smoothly with all the devices connected at the same time. The modem creates 2 Wi-Fi networks which is 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz. If the device you are using is a bit older it will only recognize 2.4 Ghz. If you want to get onto the 5 Ghz network you can buy an adapter that will get you on that network. I would also like to mention the lights on the modem really light the room up when the room is dark, which could be a good thing or a bad thing depending where your modem is placed 😉

Internet Packages – Most of Fido’s data is unlimited so you never have to worry about monitoring or going over your usage ever again! That’s a sweet relief! If you are a light user, Fido also has you covered with a package as low as $35 a month which would be best for 1 user.

Customer service – This is one thing I really depend on when it comes to companies. If a situation occurs, I need to speak to a real person. I want to be able to understand them, and at Fido, they do just that! The customer service is so great! Most times when I call, my wait time is under 5 minutes. The representatives are friendly and understandable, making the whole experience stress free and an easy one. If you need to contact Fido, keep in mind a $10 fee may apply. If you are not interested in paying that, you can manage your account online easily and plus it saves you some time! Accessing your account on the website is easy and fast!

If you’re wondering what I generally use my internet for:  heavy browsing, streaming videos, and gaming. That pretty much covers it since the internet is a nice medium to connect to the world.  

Downside: It’s an older modem, but who cares? It honestly works just as good if not better than the newer ones. Contacting customer service over the phone may cost you $10.

Upside: It’s cheap, unlimited, great internet, reliable wi-fi at an amazing price! Fido is so much cheaper than most bigger companies. It’s just as good and you will save a lot of money!  

Back to School Deals Going on Right Now

If you’re a student, you may want to consider the offer that Fido has right now!  

Students will get 75u for $45 a month with no commitment. After 12 months you will pay $65 a month which is not bad at all and still cheap when comparing to other companies. I really like the no commitment – so if it doesn’t work out for you, you can quickly say cya. If you are a student, I would highly recommend getting this. Another bonus – if you sign up for select packages you will get a $50 Best Buy gift card.

Fido is a great deal and hopefully you won’t regret it. Your wallet will thank you, and you should feel pretty good that you did yourself a favour.

Check to see if Fido is available in your area! Go ahead, check it out for yourself!