Why Are Emojis So Hard To Find on Smartphones/Tablets?

I know most of you reading this can relate. If you’re looking for an emoji or especially a specific emoji… good luck finding it in under 40 seconds. You keep thinking, “yeah, I believe I saw a fairy or a pair of socks somewhere in this list but I’m not 100 % sure.”

Preinstalled system keyboard emojis are VERY UNORGANIZED imo.

It should be a very easy thing to do, to find the emoji you’re looking for. But with the preinstalled keyboards the emojis are all over the place, therefore trying to quickly find that specific emoji is hard. I just want to get on with it, not have to scan my eyeballs for that certain emoji, keeping scrolling and scrolling. Ha! It’s bad enough the emojis are small and hard to see on top of all that in the small boxed area. Okay, sure, then there’s the Frequently Used tab for the emojis you use the most, but finding the perfect emoji within all the pages to scroll from for your message is just a pain.

Emojis are POPULAR. They are a big thing being used by millions of users each and every day. Businesses have also come a long way using emojis in the business world. (Weird right?) But mostly if you post and interact on social media, you will find that emojis come in handy.

I use a lot of different emojis throughout the day. I’m so tired of scrolling through them when they are so unorganized. It seriously does take up some time. On my last straw of finally getting frustrated that finding emojis takes way too long, I had to see what can be done about it. Thankfully, I came across a few apps that will make your emoji productivity much easier. At first when I started using the app it sure was a breeze. An easy search for the emoji you are looking for and it’s right there, right away and you don’t have to worry about your poor little eyeballs scanning the screen trying to find that certain emoji and no more soaking up too much of your time.

Here is the first option I tried:

Gboard – The Google Keyboard
Android: Rating: 4.5 – ‎5,675,271 votes
iOS: Rating: 4.1 – ‎26,947 reviews

The bad: It’s a great keyboard but it doesn’t work properly. I tried it out, but it seems there is some glitchy stuff going on. The keyboard freezes at random times and the app seems to crash at times when you are typing.

It’s not just an emoji finder, there’s more. Within the keyboard you can also find GIFs, Google Search, Translate, YouTube, Maps and Contacts. You can also customize your theme to any picture in your album. There are also lots of customization tweaks you can choose in the keyboard settings.

If you depend on emojis and don’t want to waste time, this will still make a good option. If you find the app buggy, you can always switch back to the default keyboard and just use this one for emoji hunting.

Another app you can try (but not for free) is Fixmoji. US Apple Store also has EmoKey, although it is not available in Canada.

Apple, please make a search button for iOS so we don’t have to install weird apps on our devices. I know you believe in security, right? Protect us from weird 3rd party and give us what we ask for! I think adding a search button is within reason 🙂 And please don’t add anymore emojis until you’ve considered a search button – I just can’t take anymore being added without them properly being organized.

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

Played on: iOS / iPad

Price: Free

My rating: 7/10

Also on: Android, iOS, Web Browser 

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure, Shooter

Release date: June 4, 2014 

This is the follow-up to the first Bubble Witch Saga and this time there’s more fun and adventure. This popular match-three bubble poppin’ spooky puzzle game has got some good bubble tricks up its sleeve and to top it off, Stella the witch is back in town. You will explore this fun and exciting kingdom where you burst bubbles by matching three of the same colours, unleashing a spooky adventure along the way. Bubble Witch brings a magical strategy! 

I think this game is pretty cool and the graphics are neat. Although this game is fun any time of the year, it would be perfect to play around Halloween 🙂 So add it to your list of games to play around Halloween to help you get into the spooky spirit. 

Game likes:  Cute and fun game! This game will help you relax and keep you entertained. Bubble Witch is challenging and there are lots and lots of levels! These two combinations bring a really good gaming experience. I also feel like this game will help you if you have problems concentrating because you need to focus. This game will also improve your aiming. This game is great for all ages and you should give it a try, especially if you are familiar with other King games. 

So get ready to download Bubble Witch 2, hop on your broomstick and come play with Stella to free the kingdom of the dark side!